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If you need an American-made aviation hangar, look no further than Alaska Defense®. The worldwide leader in fabric buildings, Alaska Defense aviation hangars are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Alaska hangar buildings are highly versatile and can shelter many types of aircraft. Whether it’s an aeroplane, jet, a helicopter, or a hot-air balloon, we can protect your aircraft from the elements and have your hangar delivered and constructed in no time. Conventional buildings don’t even compare.

The Alaska Defense engineering team is based in the United States and designs each of our structures for the most demanding functions. Exposure to heavy snow or rainfall isn’t an issue for our buildings and they are rated to handle high-wind conditions. Our building frame systems are made from steel or aluminum and our fabric materials can provide decades of safe field life.

We can design Alaska Fabric Structures to include proprietary insulation systems, lighting & electrical systems, and HVAC systems to keep the interior warm and dry. Our clear-span buildings can be up to 150 feet wide and long enough to meet your needs, ensuring that your aircraft will fit securely in the hangar with plenty of room to spare. Take advantage of that extra space by doubling your hangar as a refueling station or repair space, or add partitions to increase your storage options.

Government agencies, aviation officials and airports have chosen Alaska Defense aircraft hangar buildings for their shelter needs. Whether you’re on the North Slope of Alaska or need an extra hangar for your airstrip, don’t take chances with a cheap alternative. Alaska Defense puts in the time, money and effort to ensure our fabric buildings are the best in the world.

For more information about our hangars, please call Alaska Defense at +1-910-323-0562 or click here to fill out an online information request.

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