Alaska Medium Shelter System

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The NEW Medium Shelter System Of Choice

The Alaska Medium Shelter System from Alaska Defense™ (Alaska), is a state-of-the-art multipurpose shelter system (MSS) designed specifically for today’s expeditionary or mid-to-long-term operations in harsh and remote locations. As with all Alaska military structures, we looked at what U.S. and Allied Forces were using and said to ourselves “We can do better, and our troops deserve better!” With that notion, we set out to create the most robust and highly engineered medium shelter system available.

In October of 2015, Alaska Defense™ completed a contract on time and on budget for 365 new and improved U.S. Air Force Medium Shelter Systems.

The Alaska Medium Shelter System provides rapid set-up and strike capabilities for a wide range of military applications, including:

  • Billeting Camps / Sleeping Quarters
  • Vehicle & Equipment Storage / Maintenance & Repair Facilities
  • MRW Facilities
  • Classroom Facilities
  • Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSOI) Maintenance & Storage Facilities
  • Dining Facilities (DFACs)
  • UAV Hangars / TUAV Hangars
  • Command Centers & Communication Facilities

Engineered and designed for versatility, the Alaska Medium Shelter System offers outstanding protection for personnel, supplies and equipment as a standalone structure or as part of a camp system. At 30’ wide, the Alaska Medium Shelter System comes standard in lengths from 32.5’ to 65’. Custom lengths are available to fulfill any mission capability. The Alaska Medium Shelter System employs a single arch, powder coated lightweight aluminum frame system to create an unobstructed interior with a 15’ peak, allowing for maximum use of interior and floor space.

Alaska Shelter System’s Proven Performance

The engineering of the Alaska Medium Shelter Systems can be modified to meet any operational requirement. Alaska Shelter Systems have been successfully tested at U.S. Government labs as well as independent third-party laboratories for wind loads to 120 MPH and snow loads to 40 PSF. The Alaska Medium Shelter System is made in the U.S.A. and Berry Amendment Compliant.

A comprehensive selection of door and window configurations, lighting and electrical packages, power generation and distribution systems, environmental control units (Alaska ECU™), flooring packages (including the CORADEX Flooring System™), and energy-saving products allow the Alaska Medium Shelter System to meet any contract or solicitation requirement, while providing greater safety and comfort over existing medium shelter systems.

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