Alaska UAV Shelters

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Unmatched Protection For UAVs, Personnel and Equipment

Formerly the Military Division of Alaska Structures, Inc., Alaska Defense™ (Alaska) is the leading provider shelters for UAVs. Today’s high-tech military operations rely on UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and TUAVs (Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) systems to execute reconnaissance, surveillance, security, combat air patrols, and command and control missions around the world.

Alaska TUAV Shelters are specifically designed to support all aspects of TUAV operations including:

  • Airfield Operations
  • Command and Control
  • Hangar Storage & Repair
  • Airfield Support Facilities

UAV Shelters Designed to Perform in Any Environment

Due to various mission requirements throughout the world and the critical need to run operations and maintenance functions as well as command and control in very austere and sometimes hostile environments, Alaska Defense has consistently provided multiple TUAV hangar and command and control shelters systems to meet the customers operational requirements in a host of different and challenging environments, which no other shelter manufacture has the ability to fill. No other military shelter provider can match the combat-proven capability of Alaska TUAV Shelters to endure 20 years of continuous field use – protecting UAVs, TUAVs, personnel and sensitive equipment from all types of weather including extreme heat and cold. Our TUAV shelters are 100% made in the U.S.A., Berry Amendment Compliant and utilize a heavy-duty mil-spec membrane tensioned over a powder-coated aluminum or steel frame. Alaska TUAV Shelters, when not deployed can be packed into reusable Alaska Containers for storage or transporting.

Alaska TUAV Shelter Size Options

Alaska TUAV Shelters are available in standard sizes from 20’ wide to 80’ wide, and customized to any length. The free-span design allows for maximum use of the interior space to conduct TUAV repairs and maintenance as well as space for shop areas, tool, equipment and gear storage. Alaska TUAV Shelters can be complexed with other Alaska military shelter systems for flight planning operations, command and control, general administrative areas, and troop support facilities. Alaska TUAV Shelters can accommodate a wide range of hangar doors, including clamshell doors, 8-leaf doors, bi-parting doors, floating doors, roll-up doors and more.

Alaska TUAV Shelters have been deployed and used with the UAV and TUAV systems of all sizes.

Maintain a comfortable or safe work environment inside the Alaska TUAV Shelter with either a 2.5-ton or 5-ton Alaska ECU™ (environmental control unit). Alaska Defense manufactures lighting and electrical systems, power generation and distribution systems as well as energy-saving products to reduce energy consumption – including Solar Fly® (sun shades) and EnerLayer® insulation systems designed to integrate seamlessly with any Alaska Defense or Alaska TUAV Shelter.

For larger UAV or TUAV systems, as well as UCAVs (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles) currently in development, Alaska Aircraft Hangars are available to 150’ wide and any length.

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