CORADEX Flooring Systems™

Raised Flooring System for Military Shelters

The CORADEX Flooring System™ is a proprietary, reusable raised flooring system for any Alaska Military Shelters ranging from 6’ wide to 40’ wide and any length. This shelter flooring system is easy to assemble with unskilled labor and reused hundreds of times to support short-term deployments or enduring military operations. The modular panels can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate varying shelter sizes and are engineered to support heavy weight loads (up to 40-pounds per square foot).

The rugged design of the CORADEX Flooring System™ is built to withstand daily exposure to harsh environments. The galvanized steel frame and stands are powder coated for use in climates with extreme hot and cold temperatures, high humidity, dust, dirt, and corrosive chemicals.

The panels of the CORADEX Flooring System™ are made from foam panels with flame-retardant ABS sheeting on the top and bottom to provide a more impact and shock resistant, high-strength flooring solution that is fire-rated and offers an R-10.5 thermal resistance.

The CORADEX Flooring System™ is Berry Compliant and proudly 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. by Alaska Defense™ (Alaska). It includes a shelter ground flap retention system and seamlessly integrates with any tan or green Alaska XP Shelter System™, the Alaska Small Shelter System®, as well as the Alaska Medium Shelter System


Military Flooring System for Uneven Ground

Unlike other modular flooring systems for military shelters, the CORADEX Flooring System™ is height adjustable from 8.5” to 16.5” off the ground, allowing Alaska Shelter Systems to be installed on terrain with a higher degree of uneven ground conditions. 

Each flooring panel is supported by base pads equipped with (4) anchor holes and includes a complete anchoring kit with spikes, earth anchors, and concrete anchors for deployments across a wide range of surfaces.

Portable stairs provide quick and easy access to all entries on the raised military shelter. 


Portable Flooring for Military Shelters

The modular design of the CORADEX Flooring System™ allows for efficient packing into Alaska Containers or ISO containers for easy transport, storage, and to support redeployment strategies.


Raising Shelters to a New Level™

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