Camp Humphreys 121st Combat Support Hospital Practices Mass Casualty Exercise

Mass Casualty Exercise for the 121st Combat Support Hospital

Photo courtesy of Marcus Fichtl / Stars and Stripes.

April 20, 2018 – a mass casualty exercise tested the response capability of the 121st Combat Support Hospital at Camp Humphreys, South Korea. A dozen soldiers were inflicted with a wide range of mock casualties, arrived by ambulances and were sent to a triage site or the emergency room of the field hospital. 40 doctors and medics worked to treat the simulated injuries.

Camp Humphreys’ combat support hospital (abbreviated CSH, pronounced as “cash”) is a 44-bed field hospital from Alaska Defense, equipped with two operating rooms, an emergency room, an MRI machine, a pharmacy and laboratories. The modular design of the CSH allows it to quickly expand to a 240-bed medical facility with additional services including: laundry, food, and chaplain support. Combat support hospitals are used to treat wounded troops, get them back into the fight or prepare them for evacuation.

Should military operations require the use of a CSH on the Korean peninsula, the Eighth Army commander can order the 121st Combat Support Hospital be rapidly deployed to any location and setup within 72 hours.

The 121st field hospital is kept up year-round next to the Brian Allgood Community Hospital, currently under construction.

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