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In April 2020, an Alaska Medical Shelter System was donated to the Agadez Regional Hospital to isolate and treat potential cases of COVID-19 infections.

The medical facility was the result of an ongoing partnership with the U.S. Army 443rd Civil Affairs Battalion, Civil Affairs Team 219 (CAT 219), local Nigerian health care providers, educators, and government officials. It also included other U.S. Defense and State Department agencies.

According to Captain AnnaMaria Verdura, CAT 219 team leader, while they were not aware of any official cases in Agadez or the surrounding communities at the time of the donation, coronavirus infections were increasing in other African nations. When asked what could be done to help protect and enhance capabilities to prevent infections, Dr. Agail Anaba, the director of the Agadez Regional Public Hospital, requested a medical tent to provide quarantine space in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition to donating and installing the medical shelter, CAT 219 and U.S. Air Force civil engineers also sourced and purchased hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, masks, boot covers, handwashing stations, and cots for the hospital.

“[The medical shelter] was the only thing the director of the hospital asked for, and he was excited that we ended up coming through for him.” When asked about the additional donated items, Verdura stated, “They were so grateful.”

Alaska Defense is the world’s leading provider of military shelter systems, including medical shelters equipped with negative pressure isolation systems for the fight against COVID-19.

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