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In combat zones, the security and safety of a military base is of extreme importance. However, since many of these bases are not permanent, and must be moved to new locations fairly frequently, portability of the base itself may become a critical factor.

The Marines are a particular corps of the Navy that likely needs the feature of portability for the structures that make up their basecamps. They can benefit from highly portable fabric buildings because they allow for efficient, cost-effective transport as needed to support sudden or short-term missions.

Fabric buildings offer several advantages in portability, as compared with traditional brick-and-mortar structures. The materials are typically manufactured and then shipped ready for deployment – in some cases, a complete system of fabric structures, equipped to support an entire basecamp, can be deployed in a matter of days. This rapid deployment is particularly available if the system is coming from a prepared stockpile of structures.

Construction time is rapidly reduced for deploying a fabric building over a brick-and-mortar structure. Once the materials of the fabric structure systems arrive at the basecamp site, they can be easily and quickly set up to provide protective shelter and operational support.

In addition, the fabric buildings from Alaska Defense™ are engineered to fully and securely stand and operate even under the harshest climates and weather conditions around the world. Independent, third party experts offer unbiased attestation to the security and quality of these structures with thorough testing.

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