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An important aspect of an efficiently operating military basecamp is its medical treatment facilities. Ill, injured, and wounded servicemen and women will require facilities that are sterile and equipped for a variety of medical needs. And if the base is available for local civilian care, a more extensive structure or system will likely be required.

A big challenge for temporary basecamps to overcome is the construction time associated with building brick-and-mortar medical facilities. Tensile fabric medical systems offer a streamlined solution to this challenge, since they can be quickly manufactured and installed within a couple of days of deployment.

Alaska Defense™ fabric buildings for military medical systems come in standard or custom sizing for a variety of field hospital configurations. U.S. Air Force medical systems from Alaska Defense have been modeled to satisfy requirements for EMEDS of Basic, +10 and +25 levels to support more deployed personnel. The U.S. Army uses Alaska Defense’s medical shelter systems for 84-bed and 168-bed combat support hospitals. There are also COLPRO versions available for isolation and biological protection.

These structures are designed to not only provide shelter, but also all of the operational and mechanical needs to support a fully functioning, sterile environment for medical treatment and care. They are equipped with all of the internal systems, HVAC and environmental controls needed to provide this. Additionally, these structures are extensively tested and proven to withstand extreme external weather conditions, including high winds and heavy snow loads.

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