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Being equipped with rapidly deployable military shelters makes a big difference in quickly establishing a military presence against emerging or existing threats. Whether military forces are responding to domestic natural disasters or escalating crises overseas, equipping today’s militaries with the best military shelters is strategically important to maintaining a state of readiness. 

The field-tested expertise and combat-proven effectiveness of rapidly deployable shelter systems from Alaska Defense™ are unrivaled. Since 1999, Alaska Defense has supplied more than 36,000 military shelters and 23,000 military HVAC units. Our high-quality, tensioned fabric structures are used in more than 85 countries. No other fabric building provider comes close to matching our level of experience. 

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Portable Military Shelters for Any Application

No matter your shelter requirements, Alaska Defense designs and manufactures  many different models of portable military shelters — perfect for creating kitchens, dining halls, sleeping quarters, aircraft hangars, tactical operations centers (TOCs), and more. 

For expeditionary military operations, Alaska Defense’s rapidly deployable shelters are capable of being set up and fully operational within 10 minutes — saving troops precious time. 

Military Fabric Structures Designed for Rapid Deployments

Military shelter systems from Alaska Defense are designed for portability. The lightweight materials and packaging options drastically reduce the logistical burden associated with transporting containerized housing units (CHUs), military trailers, and container camps.

Concrete foundations required by traditional buildings are not needed for expeditionary deployable shelters and other military shelter systems from Alaska Defense. A minimal foundation requirement allows our military fabric structures to quickly anchor into almost any level surface for safe and efficient use.

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Rapidly Deployable Shelters Offer Features Found in Traditional Structures

Rapidly deployable shelters from Alaska Defense offer features found in traditional structures to support expeditionary and long-term military deployments. 

Power Generation and Distribution Systems

Alaska Defense’s state-of-the-art portable power systems and power distribution systems have proven themselves on and off the battlefield. We offer a large selection of power systems in 50 Hz and 60 Hz configurations, capable of powering up to 18 military shelters off one generator. 

Environmental Control Units (Military-Grade HVAC Units)

Military operations typically take place in areas of the world with extreme conditions — searing heat, bone-chilling cold, high humidity, dusty, strong winds, etc. 

Our military HVAC units are designed for portability, rugged durability, ease of use, and life-saving temperature control in harsh environments. The Alaska ECU® (environmental control unit) is offered in many models, including a 2.5-ton HVAC, 5-ton HVAC, and 10-ton HVAC in 50 Hz and 60 Hz, single, and three-phase power configurations for worldwide deployments.

Optional filtration units can be added to the Alaska ECU® to protect from airborne diseases, VOCs, and harmful airborne particulates.

The Alaska ECU® integrates seamlessly with any Alaska Shelter System, including the following:

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Plug-And-Play Lighting and Electrical Systems

Power mission-critical systems and provide soldiers and support personnel with access to readily available power solutions with plug-and-play electrical systems from Alaska Defense. Our portable lighting solutions are also designed for plug-and-play setup, creating a bright and safe interior space to live and work. 

Billeting Shelters for Superior Military Sleeping Quarters

Whether you need to create a soldier housing facility, an NCO housing facility, an officer housing facility, or special accommodations for a commander facility, Alaska Defense’s military shelter systems are customizable to meet specific billeting requirements. 

Alaska Shelter Systems offer superior protection from the elements and can be outfitted with a large assortment of furniture packages, privacy curtains, as well as soft- and hard-wall partition systems to create shared or private sleeping quarters. 

Field Kitchens to Dining Facilities (DFACs) 

Alaska Defense provides turnkey shelter solutions to support any military operation, including field kitchens to division-sized dining facilities (DFACs). In situations where it is possible, rather than serve meals ready-to-eat (MRE), feed troops with a hot-cooked meal using a field kitchen or dining facility from Alaska Defense 

Military Shower and Latrine Facilities 

Maintaining sanitary conditions and personal hygiene while deployed on an expeditionary mission can be challenging. 

Alaska Defense produces rapidly deployable shower and latrine facilities. Options include the Alaska Shower-In-A-Box™ and Alaska Latrine-In-A-Box™ systems in four-person, six-person, eight-person, and 10-person configurations. Each military shower and latrine facility is equipped with the following:

  • Plumbing systems
  • Portable sinks
  • Water pumps and heaters
  • Bladders for black, gray, and potable water
  • Ventilation systems
  • Electrical kits
  • Lighting kits

Alaska Defense also provides containerized shower and latrine systems as well as batch and containerized laundry systems for enduring base camps. 

Energy-Saving Solutions 

In addition to creating the world’s most popular military shelters, Alaska Defense designs and manufactures proprietary products that can significantly reduce power and energy use. 


Alaska Defense’s EnerLayer is a supplemental insulation system that drastically reduces energy usage to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, even in extreme hot or cold environments.

A 20-feet wide by 32.5-feet long Alaska Small Shelter System equipped with the EnerLayer insulation system has been tested and proven to provide the following benefits:

  • 35% reduction in the heating required to maintain a 70˚F interior temperature at -25˚F ambient temperature
  • 22% reduction in air conditioning required to maintain a 70˚F interior temperature at +125˚F ambient temperature
  • Reduction in fuel usage, saving 1,310 gallons of fuel per year (when equipped with a 5-ton ECU)

Alaska Solar Fly® 

The Alaska Solar Fly is made from a proprietary solar shade material that provides an additional layer of protection against high solar loads.  Available for any Alaska Shelter model, the Alaska Solar Fly can be installed in as little as 15 minutes. 

The Alaska Solar Fly reduces ECU power consumption by up to 17%. When used in combination with the Alaska EnerLayer insulation system, there is a 33% reduction in air conditioning. 

The Alaska Solar Fly is made in the USA and is Berry Amendment Compliant.

Portable LED Light Tower

The Alaska 1,000-Watt Portable Light Tower is designed to support expeditionary missions. Easy to transport, self-contained, and rapidly deployable, the Alaska 1,000-Watt Portable Light Tower can be operational within a matter of minutes. 

Features of the Alaska 1,000-Watt Portable Light Tower include:

  • High lumen floodlights (Qty. 2), each capable of producing 12,034 lumens
  • Adjustable lighting mounts allow for 360-degree movement
  • 10 hours of continuous lighting with a compact generator
  • Corrosion-resistant powder-coated cabinet and anodized aluminum mast
  • Stability in high winds with outriggers and guy rope attachments
  • Compact storage of less than one cubic meter for easy transport

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Repack, Resupply, and Redeploy Military Shelters as the Mission Changes

With a half-century of experience being the world’s leading supplier of military shelters, we understand the logistics of military operations. As the mission objectives change or evolve, our rapidly deployable shelters are designed to support fast redeployment strategies. Just as Alaska Shelter Systems are quick to erect, they are also easy to disassemble, pack away, or move to the next operating site. 

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